Developing Sensitive & Robust Bioanalytical, Analytical & Potency Assays to Accurately Measure Quality, Expression & Efficacy for
Accelerated mRNA Drug Development.

Welcome to the mRNA Assay Development Summit: Creating Better mRNA Drugs with Validated, Reliable & Reproducible Assays

Despite advancements and investments accelerating the development of mRNA therapies, there is still limited regulatory guidance. Developing standardized and sensitive assays to assess quality and stability still remains a key challenge.

The mRNA Assay Development Summit is the first and only meeting to address the specific technical challenges of analytical, bioanalytical and potency assay development. This unique forum will allow the field to develop a set of best practices to accelerate the movement of mRNA drugs through the clinic and to patients. 

Join 40+ industry experts, including Moderna, Sanofi, BioNTech and more this December! Address key bottlenecks in the field and ensure your assay strategy is robust and reproducible to achieve regulatory compliance, therefore fast-tracking mRNA therapeutics and vaccines into the clinic and towards approval.

2023 mRNA Speakers Include:

2023 Partners:

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